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THE FIELD IS CLOSED DUE TO MORE RAIN. It is presently scheduled to re-open on Tuesday, January 22th
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Dues of $70 for 2019 should be paid by December 31st of this year.  Dues may be handed to either the treasurer or secretary if you see one of them at the field, or on meeting day, or mailed to the secretary at the address on the membership application (new application not needed for current members). 2018 membership cards are valid until you receive your 2019 card which will probably be mailed on about January 21st. 

Gate combination will be changed near the end of January.

If not paid by January 31st, there will be a $20 late fee added to your 2019 dues. 

New this year "THEME SUNDAYS"
See right hand column.

  • 491-Ellsworth handmade plane
  • 484-Jim's F86 Sabre after maiden flight
  • 483-2 ounces, 20 inch span, motor control only - no conventional control surfaces.  IT FLIES !!
  • 482-Ian about to launch a small model.
  • 481-Mario Mancusi coming close on a spot landing attempt.
  • 480-Chris Wolfe making a spot landing with his ducted fan.
  • 478-Another pilot trying for the spot landing event.
  • 477-Dee Dee keeping score of the spot landings.
  • 476-Rick Klaeser launching an aircraft for a spot landing.
  • 475-Seth setting up for a spot landing.
  • 474-Spot landing.

2016 Members Photo
2-1/4" Iron on Patch for $2 Purchase at Meetings

Weather Underground PWS KCAVISTA34 1/2 mile from field.

Rainfall totals reported by the National Weather Service can be found on
Look half-way down the second group for the "Deer Springs" listing.

Theme Sundays


Next Meeting

Will be posted after rains quit
at the Flying Field



December 2018

It was a great day at the field but only 13 members were enjoying it.  Maybe the rest of the membership was out Christmas shopping.  Because of rain closures and the annual club picnic, this was the first formal meeting in a few months. 

Three of our members contributed greatly to the club in 2018.  Ellsworth and Julian have been painting be...

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