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NOTE: THE FIELD IS CLOSED AT THIS TIME. As per our agreement with the County, the field is closed for 5 days following this rain event. Estimated opening is: Saturday, October 10th.
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Sandwiches, water, plates, and silverware will be provided by the club. Please bring a side dish (salad, appetizer, dessert, etc.) as well as a folding chair to sit on (if you have one).

We plan to have two contests with prizes, so get ready and start practicing.  We will have a spot landing contest (using the circles painted on the runway) as well as a message drop contest.  The message drop devices are in the left side of the battery charging box.  You may take one and use it so that you can equip your airplane to hold and drop it.  If there is a name on the flag, cross it out and put your name on the flag portion of it.  Please see Jeff or Jerry if you have any questions.
It all starts about 9 AM on the 10th.

Click link below to see last years Picnic Video.

147-Jeff showing off new Apple Watch by taking this photo from his iPhone. 145-John's F6F Hellcat from Tower Hobbies. 1000kv motor with a 3-cell battery. 144-Max Wygal and his Edge 540T 143-Bruce and his Red Bull P-38 from Tower Hobbies. 142-Jeff's new Shoestring racer from E-flite. 50' wing, 900 Watts, 3.5 lbs. It's pretty fast and it's fairly quiet. 141-E-Flite Piper PA-20 Pacer 139-S.E.5a , Edge 540 qq 280 and F9F Panther 138-Lonely S.E.5a 137-Kfm3 Airfoil Maiden Test 136-7-11-15 The Windsock was moved after today's meeting. 135-Crawford's new Cessna 134-Jeff installed the Voltage/Ampere Meter to help keep an eye on our solar charging system. It is showing a no load condition.

Rainfall totals reported by the National Weather Service can be found at
(look for the "Deer Springs" listing)
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 Wingmasters Monthly Meeting:
Saturday, November 14th, 2015 @ 11 AM. Club Picnic on October 10th.


September Newsletter
12 Sep 2015

At today's meeting, we talked a little about the upcoming picnic set for the meeting day in October. That's Saturday the 1...

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