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NOTE: THE FIELD IS CLOSED AT THIS TIME. As per our agreement with the County, the field is closed for 5 days following this rain event. Estimated opening is: Thursday, April 30
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117-Jerry's New Twin Handyman is a version of the more common single engine Handyman. 116-Chris Thompson's Island Wing 4-13-15 115-P-47 Drawing on April 11, 2015. Winner was Lloyd Regier. Plane donated by Ron Henrikson 114-4-11-15 113-Wingmasters field viewed from the hill 112-Dean's New Viper 3-23-15 111-Chris's F4U Maiden Flight 3-21-15. Chris detailed the cockpit. It is a Dynam. 110-Chris's F4U Dynam with Detailed cockpit - See Video Gallery for Maiden Flight 3-21-15 108-Ron Henrikson donating P-47 model to Wingmasters president Jeff Lastofka for club raffle 107-Nick a new member brought out his Park Zone P 47, 1100 mm wing span. A stock 950 KV motor, flaps and retracts. 106-Jeff said, 'I think I found something.' 105-Jeff and Jerry working on the solar panels. Yes, that's Jerry practicing ladder climbing.

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16 Apr 2015

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