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THE FIELD IS CLOSED AT THIS TIME for 5 days. Estimated opening is Tuesday, February 19th
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The County's work on the road leading up to our site has been postponed.  They are planning to leave one side of the road open at a time so that we will have access to our field.  Please drive slowly, be courteous, and use caution when dirving near workers.  We will post any updates on this webpage.

New this year "THEME SUNDAYS"
See right hand column.

  • 557-Johns Avanti roared on EDF Sunday.  Most impressive display of flying skills!
  • 556-Ethan with his Jet in the air as it starts to rain on EDF Sunday.
  • 555-Chief test pilot John S. with fellow pilots Hobie and Batman (Logan) on EDF Sunday.
  • 554-Seth and Ethan on EDF Sunday.
  • 553-Hobie, Hobie jr. and Rick feel the need for speed at the first EDF Theme Sunday!
  • 552-1st EDF 'Theme Sunday' was a success despite the cloudy weather.
  • 551-Hobie and Jet ready for take off
  • 548-Julian 'Weedmaster' Schock takes a break from flying to fight the weeds.  Thanks Julian!
  • 528-All Stations Full!  Good turn-out at the field after some rain lockout weekends.
  • 527-Julian's fleet on the big bench
  • 526-Jim with his PRIME. The Value Hobby 'Prime' has become a popular model with the Wingmasters pilots, leading to the nickname 'The New EasyStar'
  • 525-Rob flying the Fokker DR1 Flitetest Kit.

2016 Members Photo
2-1/4" Iron on Patch for $2 Purchase at Meetings

Weather Underground PWS KCAVISTA34 1/2 mile from field.

Rainfall totals reported by the National Weather Service can be found on
Look half-way down the second group for the "Deer Springs" listing.

Theme Sundays


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Saturday, March 9th
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January 2019

As this years club president I welcome you to Wingmasters 2019,  On behalf of the club and all its' members I extend greetings to all of our new and returning members for a fun year of flying and making new friends.  I look forward to meeting all of our new members as well as re-aquainting with our existing members.

Having fun at the field is our t...

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