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AMA Charter #1615


Club Meeting Agenda

(available 10 days prior to next meeting)

August 12, 2017

I.          Call To Order

II.         Approval of Minutes

III.        Treasurer’s Report (Julian)

IV.       Membership Report (Jerry)                      


V.        Field Maintenance Report

                        -Thanks to Julian who made repairs to many of the cracks in runway

-Bee/yellow jacket traps have been put up after a couple of members were stung


VI.       Field Safety Report (Doc Buck/Jon)        

-For safety, please walk to/from the pilot stations on the south side of the fence

-Issues continue with people landing or making low passes with members on the runway


VII.      Old Business:

                        -Meeting time for future meetings

                        -Discuss real need for large table and more new table tops


VIII.     New Business:

                        -Please put name, address, phone number and AMA number on aircraft

                                    Helps locate owner of found aircraft and is requested by AMA

-Reminder: the County asks that we do not drive on any (dirt) roads other than the road from the gate to our parking lot.  Please assist those who have difficulty “hiking” to downed airplanes.

-Any thoughts on fall (October) picnic

                        -Trash Can emptying

                                    -Can people with trucks monitor and remove when full

                                    -Beer cans found in trash – no alcohol is allowed on the site

                        -FAA registration no longer required – can request refund of $5 fee

                        -Palomar R/C Flyers is holding a Sailplane event on Saturday, Aug. 21


IX.       Adjournment


X.        I Have a New Airplane



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