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by Jeff Lastofka this month:
Since Jon’s been overwhelmed lately I thought I’d fill in some news temporarily. 
The field and club operations seem to be going smoothly. Membership is up to around 70 with a steady trickle of new pilots who are finding us without any overt effort on our part. Slow growth is probably better than rapid changes, right? It gives people time to adapt. 
Julian continued his lifelong crusade against the cracks in the runway. This time he upped the game to add some expanding foam filler underneath for hopefully better support and longer repair life. Looking good so far:-)
The charging system continues to work nicely and the new table tops seem very good. Thanks Ellsworth for pushing that along. I still plan to make a new large table to add to our collection. My summer college session ends in about a week, so that should help.
Annual picnic comes up in a few months. Meeting in a couple weeks. Start thinking of ideas if you like, and we always have the usual standby activities we can use and they seem to work out well enough for a fun time.

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