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With fair weather prevailing, 16 club members had many good flights and attended the June meeting. While we did not have any new members join during the past month, we did have a young man who attended and had a buddy box flight with Ellsworth.  Thanks Ellsworth. He will likely will become a new club member.  It is nice to see some younger people interested in the hobby.  It would be nice to add more junior members to our club.

The first of the donations for the new charging table has been received.  Jon has decided that using redwood, although a little more expensive, would be the best investment. 

Thanks to Ellsworth for looking into how to get rid of our old plastic storage container.  Thanks to the members present for approving up to $400 for the purchase of a used metal container to replace the plastic box.  We are still looking for a couple of volunteers who will sand and paint our current Knaack box that is in need of a new paint job.  If you have any painting skills, please consider taking on this project.  It is important to keep the "structures" at our field looking good.  The shade cover, tables, and Knaack box were all new at about the same time so the need to refresh them all is occurring at about the same time.  Painting the frame structures of the tables will likely be our next need. 

We have been fortunate that not too many airplanes have flown off into the sunset recently.  Please keep in mind that your chances of getting it back are better if you have your name and phone number on it.  In addition, AMA requires your name and contact information as well as your AMA number be on all aircraft.  The FAA requirement for pilot registration and their ID number to be on all aircraft weighing over 0.55 pounds is back in effect. 

We are tentatively planning a club swap meet on the day of the September club meeting (September 8th).   It will be an informal, no host event.  You are responsible for setting up your swap meet items as well as removing them before you leave the field.  We will post the event on our website a few weeks prior to the event. 

With what rain we had this year behind us, we look forward to a good summer of flying. 

Be safe and enjoy your flying at the field. 





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