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November 10, 2018

The weather was excellent for our club picnic which was postponed from October due to poor weather.  The turnout was a little less than expected but those who attended enjoyed good company, flying, a spot landing contest, and lots of food.  There were several of our better pilots in attendance who flew a variety of ducted fan jets. 

With very short notice, Ellsworth was able to organize a spot landing contest.  Prizes were donated by Gary Lane (a former member) and Don Raiser.  Thanks to both of them.  The club also purchased 4 gift certificates from Discount Hobbies.  The winner of the spot landing contest was Ethan Goldblum who selected the Rascle ARF as his prize.  Second place went to Ian McLaughlin who won an EZ Star ARF.  A $20 gift certificate was won by Richard Allen with Seth Goldblum, Mario Mancusi, and Chris Wolfe all winning $10 gift certificates. 

Thanks to Ellsworth for organizing the contest, to Julian for ordering and bringing the sandwiches, plates, and silverware, to Ian for providing the sparkling water, and to Crawford for providing the PA system. 

Some members are still concerned about the high speed passes down the center of the runway with fast, larger aircraft.  While they are being flown by excellent pilots, there is always the possibility of a mechanical failure.  The fact that our runway is near the pits and spectators makes this more of a concern at our field.  This will need to be discussed at the next meeting as a field safety issue. 

Nominations for 2019 club officers has been postponed from the November meeting (which was not held due to the picnic) to the December meeting.  Election of 2019 club officers will occur at the January meeting.  Please be ready to nominate individuals at the regular December club meeting. I have already decided that I will not be running for any position in 2019.  Other board members may be willing to serve again but that doesn't preclude others from running. 

It was nice seeing many of our members at the picnic. 


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