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December 2018

It was a great day at the field but only 13 members were enjoying it.  Maybe the rest of the membership was out Christmas shopping.  Because of rain closures and the annual club picnic, this was the first formal meeting in a few months. 

Three of our members contributed greatly to the club in 2018.  Ellsworth and Julian have been painting benches, patching the runway, and doing much of the landscaping.  Jon Schleif designed and, with help from Jeff & Ellsworth, built the new charging station.  If we could just get a few more members to take on projects at the field we would be in first class shape.  If you have any repair, construction, painting, or gardening abilities please volunteer to help the few that have been working hard to maintain our facility. 

The County has notified us that they are going to work on the road leading from the gate to the field after the first of the year.  They are also planning to add large amounts of fill dirt to the area just north of the runway.  We will not be able to use the field during this work and may be "fieldless" for many weeks.  We will notify members by email and post a notice on our website as soon as we are provided with the dates for these repairs. 

Please make any high speed passes over the runway on the north side of the centerline for safety.  Even an expert pilot can have an equipment malfunction. 

Recent Federal legislation opens the door for the FAA to probably require some sort of training and a written knowledge test for pilots who fly radio controlled models such as ours.  We will continue to monitor the situation and let our membership know as soon as the FAA announces the procedures that we will need to follow.

Jerry & Julian will remain in their current club officer positions for 2019.  Congratulations to Rick who will become President and to Jerry Wygal who will become Vice-President for 2019.  I will serve as Director for 2019.  Mario will continue as Safety Officer. 

I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable end to 2018.

 Happy Holidays !!!




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