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Although the day was a little cool with unsteady winds, 20 members were flying and at the meeting.   Please attend as many meetings as you can as it is important for your voice and comments to be heard. 

The site visit from the County went smoothly this past Tuesday.  3 of our fire extinguishers are about a month old but in the future we will need to make certain that they are either fairly new or display inspection tags on each of them.  With the cost of getting them inspected every couple of years, a new extinguisher might be the better financial option.

The board wanted to plan for future expenses with the major expense being runway repair and future possible replacement (as happened several years ago).  Runway replacement could cost upwards of $20K while the last repair and seal cost well over $4K.  Rather than having to assess members a large amount of money at some future date, the dues increase from $60 to $70 per year is a good way to increase our bank balance.  After brief discussion, all members present voted for this increase.  Thank you for planning for our clubs financial future. 

The other major discussion at the meeting on February 10th was flying near other people and low passes over the runway.  With the main concern being safety and not wanting to over regulate our flying, a good discussion was held.  Over the past several months many members have reported feeling uncomfortable in the pit area.  The outcome of the discussion seemed to place responsibility on both the pilot(s) flying and the members in the pit area.  Pilots might consider not making high speed passes over the runway when the airspace is busy and there are a lot of members in the pit area.  Perhaps make the passes on a less busy day.  Passes might be able to be made farther away from the fence/pits (perhaps over the north side of the runway). Members who are uncomfortable with the flight activities might position themselves nearer to the fence or under the shade structure.   One member pointed out that we, because of the size of our property area, are not in full compliance with AMA guidelines.  This makes the situation a little more difficult but if we all work on using good common sense hopefully we can all be more comfortable.  The bottom line is think of doing things SAFELY.  A fast moving airplane weighing 4 or 5 pounds (or more) can do a lot of damage to a person or automobile.  On one occasion, a fast moving airplane a broke the wire on the fence that is suppose to protect us (the airplane did not come all the way through). 

Please take a few of the new club business cards that were designed and donated by Chris Thompson so that you can hand them to your friends who might be interested in RC flying.  By mid-February we should have a supply of them in a plastic box inside of the Knaack container. 

Thanks to all who participated this morning.  It was a good meeting with positive outcomes.  Please plan on attending the meeting next month so that you can participate in the direction of your club...

Sincerely,  Dean 

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