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With the nice weather at the field, light winds and pleasant temperature, it was surprising there were not more members at the field this morning.  The County grading work is continuing with earthmovers and graders still being used from Tuesdays through Fridays.  Please watch for them and yield to them when using the road to the field.  It is unknown how much longer they will be working on their present project. 

As the landfill settles, our runway continues to sink and crack.  It is likely that we will need to completely replace the runway at some point as we did about 10 years ago.  Over the next few months we need to devise a method to slowly start building the treasury for the estimated $20K expense.

Our field is now an all electric field with the exception of the few current members who still have a few glow powered airplanes which will be grandfathered for a yet to be determined period of time.  No new glow airplanes or pilots will be allowed at the field.  Members not currently flying glow, new members, and guests will be restricted to electric power from this point forward. 

A special thanks to Doc Buck and Jeff Lastofka who are leaving the board and to all of those who served the club in some way during the past year.  

I hope to see you at the field in the coming weeks. 

Dean (v.p.) substituting for Jon


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