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A medium sized group of members were present on a very warm day for our August meeting. 

I wish to thank several members who have recently dedicated themselves to field maintenance items.  Julian ordered and installed replacement windsocks, one of which was in very poor condition.  Ellsworth gave the new charging station its first coat of paint, refinished the decorative propeller on the side of the shade structure, and has volunteered to repaint the Knaack box when the weather cools.  Rick and Sam took it upon themselves to arrive at 8AM one morning to blow the small rocks off of the runway and pit area.  Jon has spent considerable time designing, obtaining the materials, pre-cutting the wood, and bringing the materials to the field for assembly.  He and Jeff assembled the first portion of what will become out new charging station.  Jon has spent considerable time on this project.  Rick ordered and installed two new speed limit signs.  Thanks to these club members who realize that it takes members volunteering to do work to keep a club operating well.  As items need to be done for the club and around the field, please consider volunteering to help with them.  Presently it appears that a small number of club members are doing most of the work.  I would like to see a few more people involved in club projects/maintenance. 

Don't forget the swap meet scheduled for Saturday, September 8th.  Each member is responsible for disposing of items that do not sell - no items are to be left at the field when the event is over.  Each member keeps what he/she collects for the sale of an item.  A good way to get rid of unwanted items and make a few dollars in the process (so you can buy some more unwanted items). 

Our annual picnic will be on October 13th.  Thanks to the three members who are going to try to obtain contest prizes from local hobby shops and vendors.  Times are financially challenging for those in the hobby business right now so we aren't sure how many items will be donated for contest prizes.  We will follow up on this at the September meeting.  Julian is going to take care of ordering and bringing the sandwiches to the field.  Each member who attends is asked to bring a side dish (appetizer, salad, chips, dessert) to share with 6 - 8 others.   Family members and friends are welcome.  Please bring a couple of chairs if you have them available.  We still need someone to volunteer to organize and run the contests. 

We are hoping for cooler weather and hope that when it arrives we will see more members flying at the field. 


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