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Hello Members,
October is here and so is our annual picnic this Saturday Oct 14th!  I will hopefully see many of you this weekend enjoying good company and great weather out at the field.  I am going to keep the newsletter brief and mostly focus on the picnic details.  The October club meeting is canceled.  ​We will continue monthly meeings starting in November   It's hard to believe it's been almost a year since i took on the club presidencty duties.  It has been fun working with the board and dedicated members who do all the difficult leg work (i've just been a figurehead mostly).  I am sad to say that i will not be taking on the role of president next year as my work and school schedule have really picked up, and I feel i can't give the club the time it needs from a president.  Please think about jumping in for a year and joing the club bord  as president, or taking over for a current board member.  A year goes by quick and we have a great bunch of guys on the board who are more than willing to help. Thanks for letting me serve such a great club and board!
Club Picnic info:
Sandwiches will be provided for the October picnic and I encourage everyone to bring an appetizer or snack to share.   We will also hold a foamy race.
Below is a suggestion for the October picnic to help reduce confusion, and duplicated food items,  IF you have a unique special item you like to make...then ignore the below suggestions and bring your speciality!  This is just to keep everyone from bringing the same chips and salsa.  Again, just a suggestion.

If your last name begins with:


I-Q:   BRING A SWEET TREAT (fruit, donuts, dessert, cookies)

R-Z:   BRING VEGGIES and DIP or CHIPS and DIP or some type of salad


A tentative picnic schedule is shown below:

8:00 to 9:00, open flying

9:00 to 9:30 bomb drop.

9:30 to 10:00 foamy races (3S battery max, 100% foamy only, can be EDF or Prop) see details below

10:00-12:00 - Picinic and open flying  (October club meeting canceled)


-Open to all aircraft as long as they are 3S battery max, 100% foamy only (except spars, cowls, etc..)

-The start will be Sailboat race style air start.  Everyone takes off, climbs to safe altitude and holds on the east side of midfield.  maintain seperation from other planes with the help of your spotter)  there will be a countdown called out by a member, likely about 2min to allow everyone to taxi/takeoff and get into a holding pattern.  You want to conserve power during the holding time.  As the countdown reaches 0, you should hopefully crossing the start line (at 0 or after..not before) which is mid field going right to left (east to west) on the far side of course.  all turns are to the left which is opposite our normal landing pattern...because this is the racing standard.  I will try to give a brief demo of the race start for those who wish to see.

-The race will be 10 laps.

-Pilots will need to have a spotter with them for the races to help see and avoid the other planes and help with timing the pylons.

-The race deadline is the runway centerline

-The finish line is field midpoint heading left to right in from of the pilots stations, so technically 10.5 laps.

-prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.


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