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GENERAL MEETING NOTES - February 10, 2018

Jerry Houser

The general membership meeting was called to order at 10:05 AM. Board Members present were Dean Brown - President, Rick Klaeser - Vice president, Jerry Houser - Secretary, Julian Schock - Treasurer, and Jon Schleif - Director. There were a total of 20 club members present.

Treasurer's Report:
Julian presented the treasurer's report (as posted on our website). The report was accepted.

Membership Report:
We have a total of 63 members. This includes 54 regular members, 2 associate member, and 7 junior members. New members are: Peter Leduc and Ramon Garduno. Former club president Carl Diefenbach is back in the area and will be flying with us again.

Field Maintenance Report:
-The County inspected our site on February 6th and were pleased with what they observed.

Field Safety Report:
Nothing to report.

Old Business:
A brief discussion was held on future costs to maintain our site, mainly the runway, and it was decided to increase annual club dues from $60 to $70 to help build the treasury for future runway repair/replacement. The increased dues will become effective on March 1, 2018. All members present voted in favor of the increase.

New Business:
-AMA has advised its members that FAA UAS registration is back in effect. We each need to sign up with the FAA (if we haven't already registered) to obtain an identification number and place the number on all of our aircraft that weigh approximately 1/2 pound or more.
-Over the past several months board members have received complaints from members regarding high speed passes over the runway and flying too close to other individuals. Due to the size of our field, it is not possible to meet all of the AMA recommendations regarding "safe distances" between the runway and the pits/spectator areas. Rather than create additional rules, pilots are asked to use GOOD COMMON SENSE during their flights. Please do not fly near other people who might be in the opposite open field getting a downed airplane. If the field is fairly crowded please consider postponing high speed, low passes over the runway. Making passes over the north side of the runway, farther away from the safety fence, should be considered. Good communication among pilots flying should be maintained during takeoffs, landings, or any maneuvering over the runway. SAFETY is the major consideration. Please remember that an equipment failure can happen even with the best of pilots. If someone in the pits area is uncomfortable with what is occurring over the runway, he/she might consider moving closer to the fence or under the shade cover.
-It was suggested that the club/field rules posted on the bulletin board be updated with the most current version. This should be done by the time of the next meeting.
-Chris Thompson designed and donated very nice business cards for the club. Next week we plan to put a supply of them in a plastic box in the Knaack box. Please feel free to take a few of them and hand them to people you encounter who may be interested in the club.
-Please show up for the club meetings and make your voice heard in the operation of the club.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:15 AM.

I Got a New Plane:


Julian Schock

Report Date Feb. 7, 2018  
Month Ending on 1-31-2018   Month of January
Begin Balance $7,841.78
Dues $1,770.00  
Other Income  
TOTAL INCOME $1,770.00  
Bank Service Charge  
Projects, New Equipment  
Field Maintenance $82.10   (New porta-potti installed)
Member Benefits  
Member Communications  
Runway repair  
Income less Expenses $1,687.90  
Check book bal. (start month) $7,841.78  
Check book bal. (end month) $9,529.68  
ENDING BALANCE $9,529.68  

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