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GENERAL MEETING NOTES - December 15, 2018

Jerry Houser

The general membership meeting was called to order at 10:03 AM. Board Members present were Dean Brown - President, Julian Schock - Treasurer, Rick Klaeser - Vice-President, and Jerry Houser - Secretary. There were 13 club members present.

Treasurer's Report:
Julian presented the treasurers report which was accepted.

Membership Report:
We have a total of 79 members. This includes 67 regular members, 10 junior members, and 2 associate members. New members are: Bill Weiler, Robert Miles, and Todd Hoover.

Field Maintenance Report:
-Jon Schleif, with assistance from Jeff Lastofka and Ellsworth Orr, has completed the charging table. Thanks to all who participated.
-Thanks also to Jon Schleif for repairing the hole in the runway several weeks ago.
-Thanks to Ellsworth, with help from Julian, for doing a great paint job on the Knaack box.
-Rick suggested that we look into placing a small box with a slot in it in a secure location. It could be used for members paying dues by check and as a suggestion box.
-During the past month the new charging table was twice found unlocked with the power still turned on. The last person to leave the field for the day should check to make certain the power is turned off and the doors locked.

Field Safety Report:
-High speed passes down the runway are still a concern. All members present agreed that they should be made on the north side of the runway centerline (white line).
-Mario suggested that we use standard aviation terminology as we are flying. He will prepare a list of the common phrases.

Old Business:
-A reminder that FAA registration of RC aircraft is back in effect after being suspended for a short period of time. Your FAA registration number should be on your aircraft.

New Business:
-Certificates of appreciation were given to Ellsworth Orr and Julian Schock for their continuing field maintenance work, to Jon Schleif for his designing and building of the new charging table (Jon was not at the meeting), and to Mario Mancusi for his assistance with the rain lock procedures. John Albu was also recognized for his continued work on the club website. Thanks to all who give their time to our club.
-Discussion as to how to encourage more involvement by club members with projects at the field will be held at upcoming meetings.
-The last person to leave the field should lock the gate unless other arrangements are verbally made with county employees on the site.
-We have been notified by the county that shortly after the first of the year they will be leveling and repaving (with used asphalt) the road from the gate to our field. They are also surveying and determining the amount of fill dirt needed to relevel the entire site. As soon as we know the schedule on either one of these projects we will post a notice on the club website and send an email to all club members who have an email address listed with us. We will be prohibited from going onto the site during both of these projects.
-The FAA is currently looking at recent legislation passed by congress to determine how we will be tested and certified to fly RC aircraft. It looks like a written knowledge test will be required.
-Nominations/volunteers were accepted for 2019 club offices. There was only one volunteer or nominee for each of the offices so no election will be necessary. The officers for 2019 are: Rick Klaeser - President, Jerry Wygal - Vice-President, Julian Schock - Treasurer, Jerry Houser - Secretary, and Dean Brown - Director. Mario Mancusi will remain the safety officer.

-The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 AM.

I Got a New Plane:


Julian Schock

Report Date 1/10/2019  
Month Ending on 12/31/2019   Month of December
Begin Balance $7,273.50
Dues $1,967.00  
Other Income  
TOTAL INCOME $1,967.00  
Bank Service Charge  
Projects, New Equipment  
Field Maintenance  
Member Benefits  
Member Communications $69.62   (Jerry's office material)
Runway repair  
Miscellaneous $50.00   (John Albu gift card)
Income less Expenses $1,847.38  
Check book bal. (start month) $7,273.50  
Check book bal. (end month) $9,120.88  
ENDING BALANCE $9,120.88  

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