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Jerry Houser

The general membership meeting was called to order at 10:04 AM. Board Members present were Dean Brown - President, Jerry Houser - Secretary, Julian Schock - Treasurer, and Jon Schleif - Director. There were a total of 19 club members present.

Treasurer's Report:
Julian presented the treasurer's report (as posted on our website). The report was accepted.

Membership Report:
We have a total of 69 members. This includes 59 regular members, 2 associate members, and 8 junior members. New member is: Raymond Yuhasz.

Field Maintenance Report:
-Thanks to Julian Schock who weed-wacked around the runway the at end of February and monitored the gardeners in March. Julian also made some patches to the runway.

Field Safety Report:
Mario reminded us that it is again rattle snake season. 6 rattlers were found in our flying area this past season. Mario has donated an emergency first aid snake bite kit (with the first aid supplies in the Knaack box) and recommends that we go to Palomar Hospital if bitten. The rubber boots that he donated last year are in the Knaack box if we need to go into the grassy areas. Also be watchful for ticks that could carry Lime Disease.

Old Business:
A brief discussion was held about a new and improved charging table. Estimated cost is $500 (minus any donations) which was approved by 16 of the 19 members at the meeting. The following members volunteered to donate $100 each toward the project: Jon Schleif, Doc Treger, Jim Massoupust. Out thanks to these 3 members.

New Business:
-The Padres Ball Club has invited the Wingmasters to come to a game for a reduced ticket price on June 2nd. Discount priced tickets may be obtained by calling their box office and identifying yourself as a Wingmasters member - discount applies to June 2nd only.
-The Miramar club is having a Warbird fly in on Saturday, April, 28th.
-The Weedwacker club is having a Swap Meet on May 5th.
-Please do not give the gate code to anyone - if he/she should have the code they should have a membership card with the code on it.
-When unlocking our gate, please remember to re-lock the chain around half of the gate while at the field. This prevents theft of the entire set of lock.
=Jeff Lastofka will be spending less time at the field as he will be spending more time in Nevada. Thanks to Jeff for his past efforts for the club.
-John Albu is moving to New Mexico. The club thanks John for this revisions and maintenance of the club website for the past several years.
-Jon Schleif has available a truck bed box that he would be willing to donate to the club if we would like to replace the older "plastic" storage box at the field. Another option would be another Knaack box (used for $300-400). Thought and discussion will continue at a future meeting. If the plastic box is cleaned out and hauled away caution should be used for the hanta virus which is carried by field mice (there are droppings in the box). Spraying with a bleach solution, wearing gloves and a mask, and bagging the box parts prior to hauling and disposing of them should be done.
-Dick Zimmer is planning a refresher CPR/AED course at the end of the May meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:24 AM.

I Got a New Plane:


Julian Schock

Report Date April 12, 18  
Month Ending on 3/31/2018   Month of March
Begin Balance $9,757.77
Dues $120.00  
Other Income  
TOTAL INCOME $120.00  
Bank Service Charge  
Projects, New Equipment  
Field Maintenance $207.09   (weed/grass cut, porta-potti)
Member Benefits  
Member Communications $28.87   (post office)
Runway repair $56.29   (repair material)
Miscellaneous $13.00   (Shred old documents)
Income less Expenses -$185.25  
Check book bal. (start month) $9,757.77  
Check book bal. (end month) $9,572.52  
ENDING BALANCE $9,572.52  

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