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Jerry Houser

The general membership meeting was called to order at 10:01 AM. Board Members present were Jon Schleif - President, Dean Brown - Vice-President, Julian Schock - Treasurer, Jeff Lastofka - Director, and Jerry Houser - Secretary. There were a total of 20 club members present.

Treasurer's Report:
Julian presented the treasurers report which was accepted.

Membership Report:
We have a total of 72 members. This includes 63 regular members, 1 associate member, and 8 junior members. New members Include Scott Hillier.

Field Maintenance Report:
-Thanks to Julian who made repairs to cracks in our runway.
-Bee/yellow jacket traps have been placed at the west end of the pit area after a couple of members were stung.
-If you place a lipo in the sand bucket, please take the lipo with you when you leave the field and dispose of it in a safe manner - both Lowe's and Home Depot will accept lipos (container is usually near the customer service counter).

Field Safety Report:
-For safety, please walk to/from the pilot stations on the south side of the fence - especially important when others may be taking off, landing, or making low passes.
-Recently a pilot made a low pass over the runway while two pilots were on the runway recovering their airplanes. It is important to not only call out when you are about to go on the runway but also to wait for a response from the flying pilot so that you know you were heard. Flying pilots should acknowledge hearing callouts directed to them.
-Low passes should be made to the north side of the runway.
-Low passes near the runway should be made in the direction of the existing traffic flow (east to west or west to east as appropriate) unless arrangements to do otherwise are agreed upon by all pilots currently flying.
-Mario had set up a display of tools/supplies that he carries in his car and said any of the items could be used at the field if needed.

Old Business:
-The meeting time for future meetings has been changed to 10 AM.
-A discussion was held regarding replacement of the tops of the remaining few tables as well as the building of a new larger table. Because the tops of the few remaining small tables are in good condition, it was decided to postpone their replacement until next year. A few members volunteered to donate money toward the building of a new large table (total estimated cost $200.) so construction will begin on it when the donations are received.

New Business:
-Please place your name, address, phone number, and AMA number on your aircraft. Not only is this required by AMA but it also assists in finding the owner of a recovered aircraft.
-Remember the county asks that we do not drive on any roads except the main road between the gate and our flying area. Please assist those who have difficulty "hiking" to downed planes. Also, please monitor a anyone who has walked away from the runway area to retrieve a downed plane.
-Regarding our annual October picnic, once again, Dick Zimmer volunteered to obtain prizes and Julian volunteered to take care of the sandwiches, water and plates. It is a "pot luck" affair in terms of the side dishes. At this time we are planning on having spot landing and bomb drop events with the possibility of a pylon racing event. More details will be discussed at the September meeting.
-Beer cans were found in the trash can. There is no alcohol allowed on the site. Also, would individuals with hauling capability (trucks, etc.) please monitor the trash can and remove the bag as it fills up and take it to your home trash cans or dumpster at work (if allowed).
-Per a recent court ruling, FAA registration of models is no longer required and you may apply to the FAA for the refund of your $5 fee; however, there is rumor that the FAA may appeal this court ruling.
-Palomar RC Flyers is holding a sailplane event on Saturday, August. 21st.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:23 AM.

I Got a New Plane:


Julian Schock

Report Date 8-11-2017  
Month Ending on 7-31-2017   Month of July
Begin Balance $8,120.55
Dues $125.00  
Other Income  
TOTAL INCOME $125.00  
Bank Service Charge  
Projects, New Equipment  
Field Maintenance $151.06   (potti,runway repair,field mnt)
Member Benefits  
Member Communications  
Runway repair  
Miscellaneous $1200.00   (County yearly lease)
TOTAL EXPENSES $1,351.06  
Income less Expenses -$1,226.06  
Check book bal. (start month) $8,120.55  
Check book bal. (end month) $6,894.49  
ENDING BALANCE $6,894.49  

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