San Diego
AMA Charter #1615


Sundays,   Sundays,   Sundays

All new for 2019, Wingmasters introduces airplane theme day occuring on the first sunday of each month.   Bring out your category favorite models for flying and group photo's (photo at 10:00 AM).  Although we would like to stay in theme, If you don't have a plane in any given category, bring whatever plane you would like to fly.      

Due to late notice the kick off event only, will occur on the 3rd Sunday of January.

Airplane categories will include:

Warbirds,           Jan 13,      Jul 07
EDF's,              Feb 03,      Aug 04
Sport Planes,       Mar 03,      Sep 01
Bi-Planes,          Apr 07,      Oct 06
Sport Gliders       May 05,      Nov 03
Haul Ass Planes     Jun 02,      Dec 01


All airplanes flown must be within club rules.
Participation in these events is voluntary and will not infringe on any members right to use the field.